Welcome to my website.
My name is RJ Walker558258_135141716649733_1893887_n
I write poems and jokes about loneliness, pizza, and cartoons.
I’ve worked as an EMT for 5 years

and consequently I’ve been poor for 5 years.
So, I figured that if I was going to be poor,
I might as well be an artist! Like all the other poor people!
So I rode my 1979 Chevrolet Motorhome into the sunset
and decided to become a full time Spoken Word Artist.
I Write
I Tell Jokes
I Emcee and Host events
I Teach Workshops on Writing and Performing
I Perform Product Demonstrations as a Pitch Artist
(I sell your S**t to audiences)
I Do Voiceover Work and Narrate Audiobooks
I Compete in Spoken Word Competitions
And I Tour.

I also run Salt Lake City’s longest running Open Mic at the Greenhouse Effect.

I am the Vice President of the Wasatch Wordsmiths, a Non-Profit organization dedicated to the craft of spoken word. We run the poetry slams along the Wasatch Front.

For questions or booking, please contact:
RJ Walker